Invisalign Portland ME DentistOf course your smile will look great once it is straightened and perfectly aligned. But, there are many more benefits to having a properly aligned smile.

Less stress on your teeth and jaw.

Your teeth are designed to take over 200 pounds of pressure on a daily basis. When teeth are not properly aligned those forces are not correctly distributed, and may increase the chance of breaking or wearing down teeth. Having teeth in the correct position may also reduce the strain in jaw muscles, assist in speech and reduce chewing complications as well.

Improvement in gum health and periodontal health.

Gums are often swollen and red around misaligned teeth because crooked teeth are much harder to clean. Overlapped areas and poorly angled teeth trap more plaque. Accumulation of plaque leads to a higher incidence of caries and gum disease. When teeth are correctly aligned, the gums properly fit around teeth and bone reducing the risk for periodontal disease.

Improved Overall Health.

A beautiful smile is not only a confidence booster, but healthy teeth are directly linked to your overall health. Oral infections, including periodontal disease and caries can lead to other serious health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and pneumonia.


With the help of Invisalign clear aligners, teeth are gradually moved to the proper position without the hassle of metal brackets. To find out more information and set up a free Invisalign consult with Dr. Kathryn Buss, CALL TODAY.