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Why are my teeth sensitive?

October 19, 2015

Due to the temperature, are you unable to enjoy a bowl of ice cream or your morning cup of coffee? Does eating a piece of candy hurt? Does breathing in cold air make you wince? Do you avoid brushing or flossing due to sensitivity? Any of these may be caused by the following? Plaque buildup along the gumline Tooth decay Gingivitis Receding gums Brushing teeth too hard Some tooth whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes Your age Cracked or broken teeth Acidic foods and beverages Abscess Get Assistance Everyone’s symptoms are unique and there can be many factors contributing, it’s important to make an appointment with your dentist to properly pinpoint what’s causing your sensitivity. We can assess the true cause and help you enjoy your favorite foods...

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Why do I need a crown and not a filling?

October 16, 2015

Both crowns and fillings treat damaged and decayed teeth. So why did your dentist recommend a crown and not a filling? It’s easy to select the cheapest route but let’s take a step back and discover why your dentist chose the crown over the filling. From a dentist’s perspective, the major reason for choosing one over the other is the size of defective tooth structure and the longevity of the desired treatment. The dentist chooses the solution which is better for your dental circumstances and truthfully the money does not influence the educated decision. Fillings are generally recommended for smaller cavities and chips, closing spaces, and well worn as well. Fillings allow the dentist to fill in the hole where the cavity was or rebuild tooth structure that was missing. Over time the strength of the chewing and biting forces in the mouth may wear the filling down requiring a replacement or crown. A crown is a cap that goes over a tooth. Think of a crown like a bear hug or a newborn being swaddled, the outside layer protects the inside not allowing it to move or, in the case of a tooth, it holds together the remaining...

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What are the best ways to brush my toddler’s teeth?

October 15, 2015

Being a mom of two young boys, I am very aware of the exhaustion and frustration that comes along with brushing a toddler’s mouth. Even though I’m a dentist, I still get the melt downs, refusals to open, and yes a few times I have been bitten.  Daily morning and evening brushings can be daunting.  Here are a few tips that help me: Start with a routine early in the toddler’s years (age 12-18mo). Have them watch you brush and floss your teeth. Show them how to brush theirs. Let them try! As they get older and more “independent” toddlers tend to like to help. Remember toddler’s manual dexterity is not completely developed so it is important to still brush their teeth for them. My toddler likes to remind me, “I can do that all by myself”. Make it fun. Ask questions like, Can you show me how big a hippo can open? How about a lion? Use whatever animal your child may like. My little guy is still convinced a giraffe opens the biggest! Another option is to count teeth while brushing to distract them or you can pretend to wipe away “sugar bugs.” Try a special “big...

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