Dental Sealants. Dr. Kathryn BussYes, your child should have sealants if deep grooves or fissures are present on their back teeth.

The CDC reports:

  •  Dental cavities are the most common chronic disease in children ages 5-17 years- four times as common as asthma
  • 50% of children have dental decay by age 11

Sealants are a protective barrier that a dental professional will use to fill in the small pits and grooves in your child’s teeth, and are a simple solution to help lower the risk of cavities.

How to prevent decay:

1. Avoid sugary drinks like soda and sports beverages

2. Choose healthy snacks like cheese, carrots or celery

3. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste (if child is able to spit out toothpaste)

4. Floss once daily to help clean in between teeth

5. Place sealants on healthy molars to prevent food getting caught on the chewing surfaces

Sealants are very easy to place and only take a few minutes of your time; this could even be done at your child’s next dental cleaning.

If you have any questions or concerns about sealants, ask your dental professional at your next appointment. Call Dr. Kathryn Buss at Portland Smiles TODAY!