All teeth are important to replace, but we cannot forget the teeth we don’t see. Back teeth are called molars. They are robust, strong and built to take the brunt of the chewing forces. They also support the cheeks.

So what happens when you are missing the back teeth? The forces from chewing are distributed to the teeth in front. It’s like having a house without the support frame. Front teeth are single rooted and not made to endure chewing forces for long periods of time. They tend to wear down faster and get loose over time without back teeth. Also, the cheeks tend to collapse in which can be esthetically unpleasing.

Replacement options for missing back teeth are:

  • Implants

  • Bridges

  • Removable partial denture

  • Combination of above treatment


Options for replacing back teeth can vary depending on which teeth are missing. It’s important to have a consult with a dental professional. Call Dr. Buss today for an evaluation!